Gates Cambridge Annual Lecture 2024

Cambridge University

April 22

St John's College

Nobel Laureate Michael Spence and Dr Mohamed El-Erian, President, Queens’ College will be joined by Gates Cambridge Scholar Reid Lidow to discuss their new book co-authored with former Prime Minister Gordon Brown. At the heart of today’s permacrisis are broken approaches to growth, economic management, and governance. While these approaches are broken, they are not beyond repair. "Permacrisis: A Plan to Fix a Fractured World" is an explanation of where we’ve gone wrong, and a provocative, inspiring plan to do nothing less than change the world. The authors set out how we can prevent crises and better manage the future for the benefit of the many and not the few. This is their answer to what change should look like. The Gates Cambridge Trust is delighted that all three speakers will be part of this event and that – for the very first time - a Gates Cambridge Scholar will give the Annual Lecture. The lecture will include introductory remarks, a panel discussion and a Q&A session and will be followed by a drinks reception. The lecture is free and open to all. There will be an opportunity to purchase "Permacrisis: A Plan to Fix a Fractured World" at the event.