In Conversation: The American Feminist Art Movement & its Impact on Contemporary Art

Cambridge University

April 18

Murray Edwards College

One of the more recent additions to The Women’s Art Collection is Femfolio, a portfolio of prints created in 2006 by 20 pioneering US feminist artists. The artists were commissioned by Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ) partners: the Brodsky Center which published the works on paper and the Institute for Women in the Arts (IWA). Simultaneously, Brodsky and Olin organized an exhibition, titled “How American Women Artists Invented Postmodernism,” as the inaugural event for the international collaborative they founded, The Feminist Art Project (TFAP). This illustrated talk will address the innovations of artists in the Femfolio portfolio including Mary Beth Edelson, Miriam Schapiro, Carolee Schneemann, Joyce Kozloff, Joan Semmel, and Faith Ringgold. It will also explore how feminist visual arts initiatives within established institutions contributed to the transformation of contemporary art to include women-identifying artists, gender non-conforming artists, and artists from the African and Asian diasporas.