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Gathering For Chu Sanzangji Ji 出三藏记集

Oxford University

June 3

Join us for an immersive seminar on 'Chu Sanzangji Ji: Exploring the Earliest Catalog of Chinese Buddhist Texts'. Delve into the rich history and profound significance of this ancient text compiled by Sengyou during the Liang Dynasty and finished circa 515 CE. Discover the treasure trove of knowledge it holds, including its impact on Buddhist studies and its relevance to contemporary research. Engage with brilliant scholars, unravel captivating insights, and deepen your understanding of Chinese Buddhist literature. Don't miss this enlightening opportunity to explore the earliest extant catalog of Chinese Buddhist texts!Seminar Leader: Chong Fu is a current DPhil student at the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies/The Queen's College, Oxford University, specialising in Abhidharma philosophy and historiography.Time: 8pm-9pm, Mondays on Week 4, 6 and 8. (May 15, 29 and June 5). In person and online.Online: Zoom room number: 9612043555 password: amituofo