THNK: a science-based checklist for effective communication

Cambridge University

June 5

Clifford Allbutt Lecture Theatre

Jo Røislien is a Norwegian Professor of Medical Statistics, and award-winning science communicator. Røislien has created and hosted multiple science TV series, contributes regularly on radio, television and in newspapers, both nationally and internationally, and has given hundreds of talks on dissemination of knowledge to non-experts. Røislien was recently project manager for “Covid Communication: Fighting a pandemic through translating science (COVCOM)“, a large and ambitious research project which explored effective communication during a pandemic. Through anecdotes, short films and interactive examples, Røislien will presents results from this project – along with a checklist for effective communication of knowledge called THNK (Trust, Human emotions, Narratives and (K)creativity). The talk is aimed at researchers, research administrators and anyone interested in research communication.